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Intercultural dating advice

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In a society which still barely highlights international, intercultural and interracial couples, we decided to build a platform to foster growth within this community.

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While in the West you might see a long line of men buying chocolates or flowers for their special someone, here in Japan it’s the woman’s responsibility to buy a gift to give to their men. We currently do not offer the online dating site anymore.But, of course, as the Love Crosses Borders community we will continue to try to provide support to people from all over the world seeking international friendships and interracial love.And intercultural relationships and marriages are on the rise in the UK.According to a study by Eurostat, nearly 9 per cent of marriages in the UK include a foreign-born spouse.What does Love Crosses Borders have to do with dating?

Unlike other websites about dating, Love Crosses Borders originated from a very thriving multicultural Facebook page, with dating and married interracial couples, mixed race and biracial families from all over the world.

This role reversal is just one of the unique aspects of living and dating in a new country.

In this show we talk to Lorie and Sho about the challenges and rewards of being an intercultural couple.

Unfortunately, those who have had the same thought before have regretted not taking care of the details.

In fact, a lot of dates are ruined because the smaller things we're taken into consideration.

It highlights and supports international, intercultural and interracial relationships.