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Interenet dating is getting boring

Are there things you don’t enjoy or aren’t essential you could cut down on or drop?

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Some people have tried to make the point that Web 2.0 is proof that the Internet is evolving. Web 2.0 is proof that the Internet has stopped evolving and stabilized as a platform.A few years ago, OKCupid calculated that 96.25% of e Harmony’s profiles are inactive, using numbers provided by e Harmony themselves.Match was only marginally better, coming in at 93.1% inactive.No one had to worry about their ISP making a change and things not working.The days of walled gardens like AOL, Prodigy and others were gone.Swap your lists and talk about what you’d like to do next.

You may try this on an ad-hoc basis or may prefer to schedule in specific time when you’ll go out and enjoy time together or will be giving each other particular treats or attention.

Its very very difficult to develop applications on a platform that is ever changing. Internet 1.0 wasn’t the most stable development environment.

To days Internet is stable specifically because its now boring.(easy to avoid browser and script differences excluded) Applications like Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, etc were able to explode in popularity because they worked.

If he likes me he'll put up with my stubble and greasy hair! When you do talk about him, it's because they bring him up. You don't come during sex and don't even bother telling him.

(As opposed to doing the two-hour-long beautification routine before a date with someone you like a lot.)8. You also don't bother telling him that your clitoris is basically three states away from where he thinks it is.10.

Sometimes you have little choice in this and supporting each other through it may be better than trying to force loads more time or activities together when you are already stressed, exhausted or distracted. What other activities take up your time and how you feel about them?