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Intimidating behaviour by neighbours

Intimidation or harassment is a personalised form of anti-social behaviour, specifically aimed at particular individuals.

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You should contact your local neighbourhood policing team to report antisocial behaviour.I have a neurological condition that makes it almost impossible to walk so I use a wheelchair but I can walk slightly, but badly.I try to walk in the garden but now my next door neighbour comes out and stares and stares at me, this makes my walking worse than ever. Examples include: Whether you live in your own home, rent your house from a private landlord or from a social housing provider, there are a number of tools and powers, services and support that can be used to help to tackle anti-social behaviour. It is anything which interferes with the peaceful enjoyment of your home and surrounding area.Unfortunately, there is a minority of people who seem to delight in making other people's lives uncomfortable and often a misery.

If you have a neighbour like this you can relate to what I am saying.

If this doesn't work your landlord may be able to help you deal with the problem.

If the Housing Executive accepts that you've been intimidated and believe you're at risk of death or serious injury if you continue living in your home you might be entitled to financial help as well as help finding a new home.

If you are one of the unfortunate people who has a neighbour such as this – someone who is harassing or intimidating you, here are some suggestions you can consider: 1: Try to resolve any differences amicably.

Become knowledgeable on any relevant council bylaws that may affect your dispute.

Ideally, I'd get the help of a local support group or even a friend to support you, but, if necessary, you can act alone.