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Intimidating rap music

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Legendary post-punk/no wave group’s 2002 album gets the reissue treatment and continues to sound a...Rap songs like X Is Coming For You by DMX, Intro (It's Dark and Hell Is Hot) by DMX, Go To Sleep by Eminem, etc... Director Gore Verbinski's animated comedy western Rango, which stars a gun-slinging lizard voiced by Johnny Depp, featured a pairing of two musical icons from disparate backgrounds, ubiquitous/celebrated film composer Hans Zimmer and veteran Latin roots rock collective Los Lobos.Known for being incredibly active in social justice and keenly politically aware about world cultures, Tech is intimidating because of his militant stance against the powers that be.His albums feature images of assassinated politicians and share stories of rape, thug life, redemption, and activism in a lethal mix of messages.So when Kalani Silva says “I will kill you,” from a stage or in a freestyle surrounded by people, are the words in and of themselves enough to determine if he is guilty of terroristic threatening as a crime? The way I imagine the situation in my head, with no info but that in the article, I cannot imagine that it would cause him to be guilty.

Rap has a long fascination with talking about crime and causing violence, Schooly D and Ice-T are some of the original rappers who had ultra violent lyrics, but even LL Cool J would take a musclebound man and put his face in the sand.

There are, however, exceptions to the rule with certain rappers that make you bite your tongue and think before speaking.

Thanks to Luv Jonez for compiling a list with The Bee Shine of the ten most intimidating rappers.

Though short in stature, his spirit and presence, combined with his outfit of army fatigues make his work larger than life.

Hailing from the impoverished city of Detroit, Trick Trick emerged in recent years as a grimey, thug rapper with notable connections.

The results were part Ennio Morricone and part classic norteño, resulting in one of the wildest, most consistently interesting soundtracks of 2011.