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Intimidating shout glyph

intimidating shout glyph-50

Our first pilot completed 6 weeks ago in Portland, OR and it was a great success with 18 participants completing the 6 week course and fixing many bugs in a wide range of Mozilla projects.

Space requirements are simple: Bonus if the space helps network participants with other tech workers, has projector/whiteboards (though we can bring our own in), or video capability.Basically if the tank picks up a handful of mobs, and you all focus 1 down while you fear the others in place, it buys you time to do so in which the tank won't be getting clobbered. It's one of those things that would be many times more effective in a guild group that communicates than in some facerolling pug group.Heh..hard part with using it will be re-RE-conditioning myself to not immediately apply Rend/TC if I intend to fearbomb a pack within the first 15 sec of the fight.» We’re trying to bring the second pilot of the Ascend Project New Orleans in February and am looking for a space to hold the program.We have a small budget to rent space but would prefer to find a partnership and/or sponsor if possible to help keep costs low.There are still so many things that I would like to improve, and new features that I would love to add.

However, all of these things take up a lot of my time, which happens to be in short supply as a college student with two jobs. I've created a Patreon page, and it would mean quite a lot to me if you would consider becoming a Patron.

I can't tell you how many times i have see it get used at the wrong time making that trash pull of 4 mobs turn into that royal clusterf*** with 20 mobs. The cooldown is long and the duration is short, but you'll find in most heroics there are certain pulls that are really tough.

It's not something you'll have up for every pull but it should be up for most of the tougher pulls.

I don't recall reading about this change anywhere.

While not being a huge change, this certainly does make Int Shout useable in PVE instances now.

Hi Guys I was thinking of glyphing for intimidating shout to use it as a tank in interrupt casters and temporarily stop mobs dps for a few secs.