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Is akshaye khanna dating

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However, an official from the hospital said that Vinod was admitted on April 2, Tuesday, not on Friday."He was admitted on Sunday, April 2, and not on Friday, March 31 (some reports came in that the veteran actor was hospitalised on Friday).

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Vinod Khanna, the superstar of the ’70s, ’80s and even in the ’90s, is no more with us.While watching Akshaye Khanna in ' Dishoom', one can't help but be reminded of Rajinikanth's intro dialogue in ' Kabali' where the superstar sends some henchmen flying in a style that only he can turn into an art form.As one such goon lays bleeding, Rajinikanth scoffs and says: "What did you think you would find?Khannaji, who had been suffering from cancer for the past four years, had been admitted to a hospital in Mumbai with the official reason for admission given to the press as ‘dehydration’.A viral pic of a frail looking Vinod Khanna at the hospital shocked us in seeing how the actor, who was once claimed as the Adonis of Bollywood, was looking so weak now.In the case of ' Dishoom', meet Junaid (Varun Dhawan) and Kabir (John Abraham), two cops on the chase of a missing cricketer who is believed to be kidnapped 48 hours before a crucial India-Pakistan final.

Kabir, a member of India's special task force, is assigned to the case when India's Minister of External receives an email that its star cricketer Viraj Sharma (Virat Kohli anyone) has been kidnapped, not for any ransom mind you, but to sit out the final to allow Pakistan to win.

Some may remember him fill in similar shoes during ' Race', but the novelty value of seeing this talented actor on screen these days is such that even a mediocre film such as ' Dishoom' feels special.

Borrowing heavily from Hollywood's ' Bad Boys' and some such amalgamation of films that are heavy on the 'bromance', the stereotypical arc of the story is pretty much evident in the trailer - one cop is the smooth-talking, almost lovable buffoon, while the other comes with a chip on his shoulder that requires no explanation.

Father of Akshaye and Rahul Khanna has been hospitalised on Friday, March 31.

Vinod's Khanna's leaked photo from hospital will make you cry On Tuesday, Rahul Khanna has issued a statement regarding his father's health.

His death was followed by a series of condolences on the social media.