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Is justin timberlake dating janet jackson

1 song in your breakup playlist "Cry Me A River" -- Timberlake took a moment to recall the incident.

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In case you need photographic evidence, here she is dancing on stage at the 2002 Grammy Awards with Justin in his pre-solo days, i.e. “We were like friends, friends that dated.” And no, despite the timing, Jenna was not rebound material for JT. It would be so awesome,” she said, adding that she still gets asked about it all the time. In Hollywood, it seems that everyone dates everyone and relationships start and end as quickly as people change underwear.But the best Hollywood relationships, even if they don’t last, are the ones that nobody knew about. But let’s be clear: there’s a difference between simply dating in Hollywood, and claiming one another in a relationship.To illustrate the incident in which Janet Jackson's breast was exposed after Justin Timberlake removed the right breastplate of her bustier during the halftime show performance of Super Bowl XXXVIII, an event watched by millions of people in the United States and around the world.The incident is of notability as the most searched for news item in internet history.It is believed that the use of this image may qualify as fair use under the Copyright law of the United States.

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Timberlake's action caused CBS, the television network that aired his performance with Jackson, to be fined by the U. government, but four years later the fine was overturned in court.

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But the former so-called "teflon man" has also received an increasing amount of criticism for his treatment of Spears, whom he dated for three years.

That criticism culminated in a widely-circulated Buzzfeed article on Aug.

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