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On a dating profile, Depretis described herself as “caring and compassionate, a traveler, dog-lover, fun, and playful.” She suspended that account about two weeks ago, though.She was tired of receiving nasty, sexually suggestive messages from men.

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Social drinkers or light drinkers identify themselves with a SD or LD.

Juggling the demands of academic life—the dissertation-writing, the teaching, the relentless CV-building—has left her little time and emotional energy to wade through the fiber-optic hot mess of online dating.

She’s tried, here and there, but the results have been underwhelming.

She’s a cute, bubbly, 31-year-old visiting assistant professor at Temple University who is finishing up her dissertation at the University of Maryland at College Park. “Now that I’m in my 30s,” she says, “I want stability.” For some time now, Depretis has been hoping to meet “a guy who is interesting to me—someone to come home to at night, to eat with, to talk with, to help pay the bills, to have a foundation with.” Sounds simple enough.

The problem, Depretis says, is that as a scholar, she’s had no choice but to spend the past decade prioritizing her career over her personal life.

Basingstoke Multicultural Forum (BMF) has a representative from many black and minority ethnic (BME) communities living within Basingstoke and Deane.