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James roday dating abigail lytar

okay that's a terrible example but you get the idea. not to mention james roday is great and that shawn and gus are the most awsome friends / parnters characters ever !! I think I was too focused on some new, if not old, character to pop out. Especially glorious were Shawn's vid to Gus, Shawn's vid to Lassie (I so, so, so appreciate Shawn basically thanking Lassie for being there for Jules always), the proposal that was sweet but also silly and totally including Gus because duh, and finally, the subtle but awesome Monk implied crossover. There were both tears and final fits of laughter that take forever to stop! xxx Seriously though, I can't get enough of Monk and Spencer.I loved the show Psych from the first show to the last!!! Grateful to be a fan of such a show, and to see it wrapped it up right. (slow clap) :) Definitely gonna miss this show so much. The commercials with them in it are not enough to satisfy my craving for seeing them meet.

He also claims that knowing the answer to this could very well save his life one day.It will be greatly missed in my home, my son's and my favorite show! (Like the commercial where Sean is telling the guy from the Dead Zone that he cheats cause his crime solving uses real psychic powers (oddly enough that guy was played by the police chief that replaced Vick) and then both agree that they are better off than Monk, who is also in the same restaurant counting how many peas he has) Also the Monk finale had a commercial air that had all the other USA show characters comment on Monk and Sean says Monk is the second best detecteive he knows...wait, he's the third if you count the Mentalist.I loved the finale which will make me miss the show even more. just finished the last ep and absolutely loved it!! Most of this review is smartly on-target, but I cannot give "A Nightmare on State Street" any credit for looking into Gus' head, it simply was too jumbled and sloppy and shallow to get a bigger picture across.Today marks one year since the series finale of an amazing show aired - Psych. I think it would only be fair if I decided to review an episode of this show.Now, normally one would try to pick their absolute favourite episode to review during this segment, but I decided to pick my second favourite.Each clue has to do with something in Shawn's past. See more » Looking at the way Monk has gone, I cannot help but watch Psych with an air of caution.

Shawn also attempts to rekindle an old high school romance. The success of the show is down to such a simple formula week-to-week that I doubt it would work as it does of/when it starts mixing it up in an attempt to stay fresh.

James Roday portrayed Shawn Spencer, a fake psychic detective who periodically consults for the Santa Barbara police department. Steve Franks, creator of the series, returned for the fourth season as showrunner.

The theme song, "I Know, You Know" by The Friendly Indians, continued to be used, though it was edited twice: in "Bollywood Homicide," the song was given a Bollywood theme with the lyrics sung in Hindi, while Boyz II Men performed an a cappella version for "High Top Fade Out." Mel Damski returned to direct four episodes, while Stephen Surjik returned for three and Steve Franks directed two.

Shawn believes that a murder has taken place at his and Gus's high school reunion..has a hard time getting anyone to believe him, as he's unable to come up with a suspect, a victim, or a motive.

Never has there been a show as well written, silly, and funny WITH so many 80's and 90's references. I'm now going back through the series again from season 1. I just finished it, I've been putting off S8 because I didn't want it to end! The reason for no Monk cameo (apart from maybe he wasn't available) is that would have been distracting from the end of 8 years and it needed to end with the cast. They did a great job with the end, it makes me think Shawn and Gus will continue their zany adventures and I can always hope they'll continue the show in a few years, sort of like Three's a Crowd after Three's Company.. Sadly, I did not catch the Monk reference until I read the review. This show was always about friendship and adventure, and they fulfilled it to the end. Gags and guest stars, eighties references, growing up while still staying a kid at heart.

Steve Franks wrote five episodes, while Andy Berman wrote four and Kell Cahoon, Saladin K. Returning for two episodes each were writers Tim Meltreger and Anupam Nigam.