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Judaism interfaith dating

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Today I had a chat with a coworker who lives in my apartment complex.He dropped by my place unannounced and started talking about random things.

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It is a holiday not only for children who know immediately that anything with a costume will be fun, but for adults Amy Krakovitz (Charlotte, NC) Here’s my guilt and my joy: my husband isn’t Jewish.And yet we’ve made a wonderful life together for 35 years.But when in my jammed-packed work and family schedule would I have time to do it?Then an idea came to me as if it were a divine revelation–Hanukkah. We could revisit the teachings about character development during the holiday and discuss as a family when we lit the candles each night how we could rededicate ourselves to being the best we can be.Has anyone out there been able to accomplish this kind of merging? Any experiences, advice, places you think we could find more information would be helpful.

Anon You might want to check out the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco's Interfaith Connection Program (

I want grandchildren who will identify as Jewish and who will love Israel, Hebrew, and Judaism the same way that I do.

So when I asked my 8 graders at the Consolidated High School for Jewish Studies in Charlotte, NC to write an essay on how they felt about interfaith dating, I didn’t want to influence their opinions.

catid=212) They have ongoing groups and workshops on this topic. His dad wasn't really into the spiritual part of Judaism.

One workshop is titled '' Yours, Mine and Ours: Negotiating Interfaith/Intercultural Family Choices.'' Another is called '' Mixed Blessings: The Challenges of Raising Children in a Jewish-Christian Family'' -- and there are others. He went to Jewish school in his early year but was never fully confirmed and because his mother isn't Jewish, there are always those who will say ''he's not really Jewish.'' We got together right when I was re-exlporing my faith, Catholic.

He replied that he didn’t think that it would be a good idea.