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Understanding that absence makes the heart grow fonder. See details at FTXp #businessforsale #matchmakingbusinessforsale21/150 Great reasons to fall in love. Sex is way better with someone you're in love with. There’s a white elephant in Kelowna’s proverbial living room.In my first column, I asked you to send me your ideas for columns you think are noteworthy. I lurked in coffee shops, pubs, wineries and grocery store lineups.Surprisingly, I had more than one response asking me to write about the large number of single/divorced people and the dating scene. I was surprised at how willing people were to talk to me about it, but also, how many felt almost embarrassed by their singlehood as if they’d failed in the relationship-and-love department.While I tend to write about the challenges of raising kids, I also realized many of these single and divorced people are also parents. No one wants to discuss it even though the interest appears to be there. Did you know there’s something called the Kelowna Curse?Not according to the people I spoke to — males and females of all age ranges.

The largest group was the 30-50 range, many of whom are parents.

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Sharing a hot tub with your sweetie, and feeling peaceful after a long and busy day #fallinlove 59/150 Great reasons to fall in love Hockey & baseball are on at the same time your sweetie let's you have the remote and picks your channel Sure, you have fun together, but do you know the signs you're meant to be together? Dh S #onlinedating #matchmaking64/150 Great reasons to fall in love.

Find a Kelowna lover within 3 months and have fun enjoying life in a guaranteed Kelowna dating scene - no strings attached! Your local Kelowna, British Columbia Guide for tourism, restaurants, hotels, business, events, sports, entertainment, coupons and more.