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Kingone rainie dating

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According to her, he’s This Taiwanese singer was connected to many attractive men and it’s hard to distinguish real relationships between all those rumors.One thing, that is 100% confirmed – Xiao Gui was her very first boyfriend.

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Devil Beside You was well received, allowing Yang's career to take off.And in honor of that, I’ll be doing my first recap ever! So for the basic plot overview: Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) is dating a pilot Ren Yi Xiang (Kingone Wang), and is expecting a proposal from him in Vegas, while Song Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) is dating a model/celebrity Tang Ai Wei (Tiffany Xu) whom he proposes to. Just look at the way Kingone grab Rainie's waist and pulled her closer to him... i think all this is rather a way to ammuse myself... I notice that King1 is just quiet & observes Rainie & Mike aside when they're together.And then look at the way Mike just put his hand on Rainie's shoulder, more like buddy-buddy than gf/bf... I believe what my eyes are seeing rather then what they said for public/published.... Whenever there're only 2 of them, he seems more lively & Rainie also plays around alot.Born on May 5, 1980, Kingone Wang began his career as a model and his good looks have been said to be a cross between Hong Kong pop star Andy Lau and Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chou.

Kingone Wang debuted as the leader of the boy band Comic Boyz in 2002 and released three albums with the group until 2005, when the group disbanded.

1st scenario scenario Watch this clip where there were 2 scenario...1st, Kingone and Rainie are to actas lovers, 2nd, Mike and Rainie are to be lovers... I never blame Rainie's character though, cuz you can't choose who you'll fall in love with. But I do believe King1's love for her is no less than Mike.. between 1st and 2nd scenario...don't you think that Kingone-Rainie are more lovey dovey than RM? but i like the prospect of her with kingone as much as her with mike or even any other guy that i find cute,... Back to real life, in most of the clips I've seen them off screen.

Unfortunately both of them end up getting rejected, so in their sadness, they get drunk, and you know what happens when you get drunk in a drama!

Do you wonder who’s current boyfriend of hot Rainie Yang?

Rainie Yang’s new drama, Love You (醉後決定愛上你), premiered today on TTV.