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Kolkata stranger chatting sites

When you start chatting with someone you met online, stick to general topics and refrain from talking too much about yourself. Do not share pics Do not share your pics in chat rooms as they can be misused.

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With venues for live performances dwindling, SPE is a ray of hope for bands like Krosswindz, Span, Hip Pocket, Crystal Grass and Saturday Night Blues Band, which perform at the pub regularly.You can segregate your friends into acquaintances, friends and family and ensure that everyone doesn’t have full access to your profile and only a few (close friends and family) have. Don’t talk to strangers Remember what your parents told you when you were a child. You never know who is stalking you in the virtual world. Keep changing your password often Avoid using obvious things like your date of birth, name, boyfriend’s name and so on. Do not reveal your real name while chatting; instead use a pseudo/nickname as your username.Your password is like the keys of your home, don’t share it with anyone. Avoid provocative nicknames as it tends to attract wrong attention. Do not share personal information Do not share any personal information on the profile such as email address, mobile phone number, home or school address.These are some of the words which are seldom linked to Kolkata. Here are 10 things you might not know about Kolkata: 1. Father of Roshogolla: When you think of Kolkata, you surely think of ”.His name was Sri Nobin Chandra Das, coming from a family of sugar merchants.You want your cities clean and green; stick to Delhi.

You want your cities, rich and impersonal, go to Bombay.

Singh still listens to an average of ten demos a month to decide on the next band the pub could promote.

UP NEXT While Singh remains committed to the tradition of live gigs seven days a week, he has introduced special tribute nights and Ladies' Night on Sundays.

Nobin, in his true Kolkata hospitality style, offered him became famous in no time. Really on the street: Unlike other cities, where people are so busy that it takes a lot to get their attention, Kolkata is one place where people who are on the street, are really “ 3.

The surprises in Rabindra Sarobar metro: The Kolkata metro reached Rabindra Sarobar station.

The shocking and gruesome murder of 42-year-old Soma Ghosh in Kolkata by a person whom she had met on Facebook, rivets the spotlight on the perils involved in interacting with strangers on social networking sites.