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Lavalife phone dating australia

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We kept expanding and refining our services, adding new services to our mix, and expanding our market coverage across the US, Canada, and Australia.”Lava Life is not just an online dating service.It has also had success in offering telephone services in over 65 markets.

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The site makes using pictures easy - you can have your simple profile picture, add several pictures that are easily viewable in a "picture gallery" by other members, or set up a "backstage" that you can let certain people see but hide from others.However, prior to this I was a member of Lavalife for a while. First, I think there is a lot of abuse by members, such as posting fake or old pictures or completely bogus profiles.There's not much the company can do to stop that.Looking beyond this – we test run sites to write our reviews – Lavalife really different, following its own lead lots of ways that add up to a clever, original and stylish dating site.As I mentioned above, Lavalife lets members meet for different types of relationships, like many dating sites.Lava Life users used to pay a “per transaction” fee. Pay “six credits” and you can email that one person unlimited. You will have to pay a certain amount of credits per 20-minute session.

Lava Life's used to keep track of how many new users signed up “in the last 10 days” and the stats paint a picture of how popular online dating sites were becoming.

It uses what it calls “Interactive Voice Response (IVR)” telephone technology to help singles come together through a voice medium.

One change Lava Life's online dating service had resisted for a long time was moving from a credit system to a monthly system, like the majority of the industry.

In 1996, Lava Life– formerly known as the Interactive Media Group (Canada) – bought the URL where it started a free online dating service in 1997.

In July, 2001, launched and, which was now charging for memberships, was combined into the new service.

by Jason Tudor One of the top dogs of online dating, Lavalife is a dating service with personals that can be accessed on the Internet, as well as over the phone or mobile device.