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Legalex rule updating

The Case Management system is updated by fee earners, their juniors or clerical teams and letters and emails are generated either in an automated way or manually written.This all costs time and money and represents a compliance risk if there are disparate systems or people involved. Depending upon which type of Law you practice it will bring with it a raft of regulations and rules to comply with.

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Many people favour this over a phone call or email as it’s fast and gets your message across cutting out the small talk,...You may think that the internet has taken over the advertising world – but you’d be wrong.TV is still the most prominent medium when it comes to video advertising; Sky have found that the average person spends 3.5 hours a day on average watching...Professor Tankut was visiting Tulsa to attend the graduation of his son Sean Tankut from the University of Oklahoma Medical School.Lawyers having outside contact with judges involving cases before the bench may find themselves in varying degrees of trouble.The huge increase in traffic is thought to be the main reason for these increasing numbers.

With as many as 650 thousand to 800 thousand people injured annually in these road accidents – that’s only considering the accidents that are reported to the police – changes keep being made to the Road Traffic Act to protect the injured.

You may also be entitled to claim for the mental anguish that the accident caused.

A special visitor, Professor Ahmet Tankut from Antalya, Turkey, left, attended the presentation on ex parte communications by Oklahoma Supreme Court Chief Justice John F.

Typically, a Legal Digital Mailroom is designed to enforce these rules 24 x 7 with no human frailty.

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We’ve received some brilliant news that we’d like to share with you all…we have officially made it onto the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) The RAR is a database of 8,100 agencies, and our inclusion is purely based on receiving great...