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Liquidating tops supermarket ohio

The warehouse people, the merchandisers, the demo people, truck drivers.

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The restaurant equipment available for sell is listed below: 1 HUSSMAN 6' FOOD WARMER NETHDH6, 1 HOBART MIXER, 1 AMTEKCO 24' STAINLESS ICETABLES, 1 HOBART FILMMIZER WRAPPER, 1 TOLEDO 8423 / 315 FOOD WRAPPER, 2 -2 BAY SINK W/ DISPOSAL, 2 - 1 BAY SINK, 1 HOBART SLICERS 1712, 2 SAINLESS HOOD W/ ANCIL 6' X 12', 1 FRYER, 1 HOBART SLICER 1612, 1 REVENT OVEN, 1 HOBART PROOFER, 22 OVEN RACKS, 1 -6' STAINLESS HOOD, 2 HAND SINK, 1 HOBART DISHWASHER UW50, 1 BELSHAW PROOFER ON CASTERS, 1 HAND SINK, 16 EURO TABLES, 1 AMTEKCO 5' X 12' SALAD ISLE, 1 HOBART WRAPPER ILAS5TE, 1 ALTO-SHAM FOOD WARMER, 1 -3 BAY SINK W/DISPOSAL, 1 WALKIN COOLER 6' X 10', 1 WALKIN FREEZER 6' 10', 1 WALKIN COOLER6' X 12', 1 WALKIN FREEZER6' X 8', 1 WALKIN COOLER 6' X 6', 1 WALKIN COOLER 20' X 20', 1 WALKIN FREEZER 15' X 15', 15 MEAT RACKS, 1 HOBART MEAT WRAPPER, 1 WALKIN MEAT PREP COOLER 15' X 20', 1 STRUCTUAL CONCEPTS PASTRY COOLER 6', 1 FOOD COOLER ISLE 6', 1 HOWE ICE FLAKER W/FOLLET CASE 11E-1-BV, 1 NUSSEX OLD BREAD MIXER, 1 WALKIN COOLER 30' X 15', and 1 WALKIN FREEZER 25' X 15'. To settle the affairs of a business or an estate by disposing of its assets and liabilities.The Lemon Group is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and provides liquidation services, resources, and support to the retail industry nationwide.If you have store fixtures you wish to sell because of retail remodel, upgrade or a store closure, we will provide all the necessary support and assistance from beginning to end.Following his mother's death in 1933, Castellani left school to help manage the store.He continued to do so until joining the Army in 1941.The Auctions and liquidation sales listed below are past projects that were conducted by Liquid Asset Partners.

These projects are sold out and are no longer available.

its very sad when a grocery store chain closes i worked for "eagle country markets " in the quad cities for 25 years when they closed there doors and now all we have is hy-vee's they really dont compare to eagles stores:( I just got back from Tops.

Meat, Dairy, & Produce is 10% off, School supplies are 40% off, Greeting Cards & Hair coloring are 50% off and just about everything else is 30 % off. Plus the coupons are not doubling as of today, which was a really disappointment.

Our process for liquidation begins with visiting your store to assess the inventory.

After that, we will discuss how long the project will take and plan realistic goals for completion.

Tops Friendly Markets was co-founded by Armand Castellani, who was born in 1917 in a village outside of Rome, Italy.