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Notice how both female and male ospreys alternate incubating eggs, while the other searches for food.Great news on a gray weather day...first osprey egg was laid around 9 a.m. Momma osprey dutifuly began incubating immediately, so a chick is on the way (fingers crossed! Be on the watch for for subsequent eggs as ospreys typicall lay two to three eggs, usually a few days apart.

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On March 2nd, Greg was able to see that the new female was an adult and presumed that she was the stronger of the two female falcons, and drove the younger immature female falcon away from the site; in essence taking control over the territory.What a way to wrap up the month of April: the second osprey egg was laid at the Arb's osprey nest sometime in the wee hours of Sunday, April 30.So far, 2 for 2 and on the watch for one to two more eggs (a typical number for an osprey pair).There have been four different eagles during that time.The eagle pair has successfully fledged eaglets almost every year, with the exception of 2009.The osprey is a large raptor, often known as the “fish hawk.” Both male and female osprey work together to create the nest.

Once eggs are laid (typically 1-3), the osprey take turns incubating the eggs.

Another wrote: “I realize this is nature, but once you put up a cam to view into their worlds it is no longer nature.

You have a responsibility to help n save when in need.” Bird-nest cams have become hugely popular, and spring is when they’re full of action.

“It is absolutely disgusting that you will not take those chicks away from that demented witch of a parent!!!!!

” one viewer emailed to Jeffrey Brodeur, the communications specialist who ran the camera.

The osprey cam at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is trained on a nest near the Massachusetts seaside, and the pair that call it home are now waiting for three eggs to hatch.