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wurde 1981 in Hamburg geboren, studierte Jura, arbeitete für den "Stern" und das ZDF in Istanbul, besuchte die Henri-Nannen-Schule und ist seit Januar 2012 beim Neben der Zuwanderung aus Südosteuropa beschäftigte Gezer sich in den vergangenen Jahren vor allem mit dem Thema Islamismus in Deutschland.

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We've been hiking for two hours and are halfway to the monastery.

At the start of the walk, we see tobacco fields and wooden tobacco drying racks outside houses.

It became a member of the United Nations in 1993, but, as a result of an ongoing dispute with Greece over the use of the name "Macedonia", was admitted under the provisional description the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia It constitutes approximately the northwestern third of the larger geographical region of Macedonia, which also comprises the neighbouring parts of northern Greece and smaller portions of southwestern Bulgaria and southeastern Albania.

The country's geography is defined primarily by mountains, valleys, and rivers.

I realise that if there are any monks in the monastery at the top of the mountain, they've chosen a pretty nice location.