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Mail not updating fully

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For years, it has sync'd very nicely with my Apple Mail folders.Now, several of my Mail folders are no longer syncing with their respective Gmail Label (folder).

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Some other Mail folders are completely empty now despite the fact that their may be 100-150 messages stored in the respective Gmail Label (folder). However, rebuilding I think only helps rebuild the index file based on the messages stored on your computer.The release notes said it had something to do with Exchange but I didn't read closely because technically, I don't use Exchange and I figured it didn't apply to me. Also, can you force a sync (pull down to refresh), or will it not sync either way? The 6.1.2 release note said it was fixing an Exchange bug that burned data on Verizon phones, IIRC.I had already tried adding/deleting the two email accounts. ) so it was relatively painless, but no luck solving the problem. Only force quitting the email app and restarting it causes the sync to take place. What about setting them up as actual Gmail accounts for now? Unfortunately, you do lose push (which is a really nice feature as you know).Checking your email from your i Phone is a great way to ensure you stay in touch with colleagues, customers and the day-to-day running of your business.The native Mail application can check multiple email accounts directly from your i Phone, but must be properly set up to perform maintenance tasks such as moving or deleting messages.My Exchange style accounts still work, but it's entirely possible this is indicative of a 6.1.2 bug. executing a pull-down refresh does trigger a proper sync.

I guess the lesson learned in all of this is that these i OS updates shouldn't be installed unless they address a very specific problem that I'm facing.

In order to delete an IMAP message, the i Phone's Mail app must send an instruction to the server to mark the message as deleted.

However, this does not necessarily mean the message will disappear from the list, giving the impression that it has not been deleted.

I have tried using Apple's "Rebuild" function in Mail, but nothing happens in the Activity window. Mac Book Air (13-inch, Early 2014), OS X Yosemite (10.10.1), 16 GB Ram; 480 GB SSD Rebuild does not show up in the activity window, even when it is doing things in the background. It does not compare notes with the server, I believe.

Honestly, I would just remove the account and add it again, so that it downloads your entire account back to your computer.

It seems like for every bug they fix, they introduce two or three new ones.