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The population of Maharashtra forms 9.28 percent of India in 2011. The recently concluded 'Indian Census 2011' showed that the population of India has crossed the 1 billion mark and the population of Maharashtra is somewhere around the 110 million.Considered to be one of India's leading states in terms of revenue and contribution to the GDP, the Maharashtra Census 2011 bore some interesting results.

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Researchers now know that many of the routine functions performed by the adult body become established during pregnancy – often long before birth.As per details from Census 2011, Maharashtra has population of 11.24 Crores, an increase from figure of 9.69 Crore in 2001 census.Total population of Maharashtra as per 2011 census is 112,374,333 of which male and female are 58,243,056 and 54,131,277 respectively.The Sanyukta Maharashtra Samiti led the movement at the forefront and divided Bombay State into two states.The Bombay Reorganisation Act of 1960 which resulted in the two separate states of Maharashtra and Gujarat was enacted by the Parliament of Indian on April 25, 1960. Popular theatre director Akarsh Khurana recently compared actor Amey Wagh, with American director, television producer and actor Jon Hamm after watching his fellow theatre artist A...

Ila is Suyash's favourite actress Film and television actor, Suyash Tilak who is eagerly waiting for his upcoming film 'Coffee Aani Barach Kahi' expressed his fondness for his senior and co-actor Ila Bhate.

Ages from 8 through 12 weeks are estimated to ±5 days.

Ages from 12 weeks through birth are generally estimated to ±1 week.

To simplify age calculations, the term “month“ assumes a 4-week period.

Age and stage conventions adopted during the embryonic period are listed in Appendix B.

Ruchi takes Marathi lessons Actress Ruchi Savarn, who is currently seen as the bubbly and happy-go-lucky Revati on the newly launched Marathi show Sakhi, is busy polishing her Marathi language skills lately Gudi Padwa celebrations for ASSB family Aarav’s father is in no mood to celebrate the occasion but affectionate words from his favorite daughter-in-law Ishwari eventually convince the head of the family This actress was rejected for her light eyes Actress Sanyogita Bhave who is currently seen in the Marathi show Asava Sundar Swapnancha Bangla, had to face a lot of rejection early in her career because of her light coloured e...