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Marie osmond dating

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Osmond also has two biological kids with Blosil, as well as five adopted children.

The only girl out of nine children, she was raised in an unusual show business family.The singer and Las Vegas show performer is currently married to Stephen Craig, Sr., whom she remarried in 2011 after divorcing her second husband, Brian Blosil.She originally married Craig in 1982 and they only had one child, Stephen James Craig, and were divorced in 1985.Some of her older brothers started singing together as the Osmond Brothers.Managed by their father, George, the group's musical career took off after a 1962 appearance on show as well.'s Lara Spencer whether it was possible that she could soon be a grandmother, the 53-year-old entertainer used the opportunity to announce the news. on December 26th, I will become a grandmother." PICS: Crazy in Love - Candid Couple Pics She added: "I'm so excited.

It's crazy," Osmond said about the birth of the grandchild to her 30-year-old son Stephen James Craig and his wife Claire.

As he promised, his wife, Cindy Blackman, has left Lenny Kravitz’s band and is taking the drums in place of Las Vegas favorite Pepe Jimenez of Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns.

Jimenez had been working with Santana for the past couple of years as a replacement for Dennis Chambers, who had backed Santana for more than a decade.

ET followed the showman's every move for just one day of his...

Sylvester Stallone continues to cope with the unnatural act of outliving his son Sage, who was found dead last week at the age of 36.

where the plate got broken, and she said here’s your suitcase.