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Martial arts instructors dating students

Get your time back and focus on growing your school.

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Only a fully qualified instructor may conduct gradings; in the case of an assistant instructor with his own class, his superior will grade the students, though they remain in the care of the assistant.In March 1992, Jozefkowicz received a deferred adjudication sentence for Sexual Assault for an incident in Wichita County that involved a 21-year-old female. After being paroled in October 2013, he resided at a halfway house in Houston, Texas.He soon after had his probation revoked after violating terms, and subsequently his sentence was enhanced to 16 years in TDCJ prison. He last reported his address to authorities in February 2014. 22, 2015 in Vera Cruz, Mexico by US Marshals Service and Instituto Nacional de Migracion.There are many pathways in the brain and by having students go through a Martial Arts program in which they not only punch and kick but also utilize other cross body movements and patterns, will help in opening these pathways so that when students leave the DOJO and enter the academic classroom, academic knowledge will enter these open pathways.The mission of the martial arts program is to provide for the physical, mental, emotional, and social growth of our primary, intermediate, and middle school children through multicultural training in the martial arts.Since 1999, Summit Academy Therapeutic Martial Arts Program has been an intricate and vital part of the core curriculum for Special Needs Students diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger Syndrome and other related conditions.

The Therapeutic Program is designed to not only teach the students about Martial Arts but to help in the structure of self control, coordination, an increase in respect and well being, and to increase academic learning strategies.

As your martial arts students learn the values of discipline, respect and focus, your dedicated instruction sticks with them, far beyond the school.

Zen Planner’s all-in-one martial arts software was custom-built by and for martial arts instructors to simplify the administrative tasks involved with running a successful school.

NEVER LOSE TRACK Chosen Martial Arts Academy Discover how Lester Hicks ensures his students never fall through the cracks and saves over eight hours a week with automated email communications.

READ MORE I am very impressed with Zen Planner’s customer service. I love their swift response to my questions and the detailed time they take to improve my solution.

the program is supported throughout the school and is a universal program throughout all Summit Academy Schools.