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Maryse dating miz

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In April 2016, she returned to the company, and became the manager of her husband The Miz.

But when The Miz finds out about the dog, he's less than pleased."This is what happens every time you go to a pet shelter, I didn't want another dog, that's what we talked about though," The Miz tells Maryse.Known to many of us from her time in the WWE, Maryse is set to star in the E!show "Total Divas", which premieres on November 16th.[read more...] Get all the hottest Total Divas news, stories, and recaps here![read more...] A former fitness model, Melina first made a name for herself in WWE when she guided fellow socialites, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury, to the WWE Tag Team Championship [read more...] the.In November 2016, she began starring in the reality television series Total Divas on E! She made the final cut and was one of the top eight contestants, but was the second person eliminated on July 24.

Despite her elimination, she was invited to observe workouts and the training facility at WWE's developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), along with Brooke Adams.

"I would actually love to have twins, a boy and a girl to start with," Maryse told Michael Cole in his weekly interview segment. I want four." Miz said he wants to be "the dad that's there," and right now the rigorous traveling schedule the WWE has keeps him from starting a family.

He also added that he will "act like a champion" for WWE and continue to do charity events and other things outside of the ring.

"Unfortunately we're not gonna get you up and rollin' for probably like three more weeks. Brie Learns She's Not Pregnant: Even though Brie Bella's home pregnancy tests have been saying she's not pregnant, she's two weeks late on her period, which she says "never" happens.

Well there's a reason behind all of our madness…if you're gonna be out for three to four weeks, we might as well put you in a movie.""Me?! So she decided to go to her doctor and take a blood test to see if she really is pregnant.

On the episode, Maryse made some purchases behind her husband The Miz's back, and he wasn't happy when he found out.