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Matsujun dating

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Saeko though tells Sota that she will be unable to meet him on Valentine's Day, but can meet him on the day before Valentine's Day. I haven't finished the manga yet, but what Jun had portrayed is exactly just like the manga. Yes his character is annoying because he is indecisive but it's because he is really in-love and don't want to give up on his first love, that's how i see it in the manga.On that day, Sota gives Saeko chocolate that he made, but she doesn't accept his gift. i would totally recommend this drama, it's really refreshing and the ending is unexpected but Im still satisfied.

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Matsumoto plays a rookie detective in his upcoming drama series Lucky Seven. But Oizumi kept the conversation on the same topic. I assume you’d have loved someone by now,” Oizumi said. During the event, Matsumoto shared some stories about what it was like on set.Looking up recent entries in his blog, a staff member posted a photo of him and Mao on 7th October but it's probably a shot from the time of Shazai no Ousama as there's no mention of 'Miwa' at all.Shukan Josei went on to say that after the performance, Matsujun went backstage to meet with the actors including Eita, who he co-starred with in 'Lucky Seven'.On seeing Mao, Matsujun said "Here are the cakes," and handed over a paper bag with enough for the 40 or so staff members and actors.After graduating from high school, Sota Koyurugi (Jun Matsumoto) studies bakery at an institute.Along with six other detectives at his company, the detectives fight with one another, but eventually manage to work together to solve the case. I think it brings something different to the usual Monday night dramas and I hope everyone looks forward to it,” Matsumoto said. “There’s a scene in our detective office where we all talk together, but we each had our ‘this-might-make-it-more-interesting’ ideas so the scene ended up becoming something bigger than what was written in the script.

During the press conference, the cast were asked what they would like to investigate if they were real detectives, and actor Yo Oizumi said he would like to look into Matsumoto’s dating life. You never hear that stuff about him…so do you have a girlfriend? I’m having a lot of fun going to work because there’s always something new.

In one way or the other, we have to accept and realize that these Idols, no matter how heavenly-looking they are, are still human: who gets tired, cranky, happy, delirious and also has raging hormones that needs to be addressed.

If you ask me, I’d rather that Jun-kun ends up with Mao-chan.

Before that, they had actually at times met at Oguri's home but Matsujun had no idea that he was an actor until they were cast together.

Kasahara has been close friends with Mao since she was in junior high.

news reports state that the two has been getting along really well during the promotional activities for their recent drama–though it doesn’t look like anything’s romantic between them.