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Matsumoto jun and inoue mao dating

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“They were seen on dates multiple times, but because Johnny’s Jimusho greatly opposed the relationship, the vast majority of women’s magazines were pressured to not report it.After that, talk of [Matsumoto’s] relationship with Inoue fell through.

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It doesn't matter how old I get or how much I mature.with Hayato Ichihara, Yūta Hiraoka, and Tasuku Emoto. In early 2007, Hana Yori Dango Returns aired and was better-received than the first season.In the same year, Inoue co-starred in the drama First Kiss with Check It Out, Yo! Her outstanding performance from her past dramas landed her the lead role in the drama special Hanaikusa as a maiko-turned-geisha.But knowing that onscreen Makino and Domyouji got their happy ending in real life is one of those shipper epic fantasies so the excitement over then is all too understandable.Things have been weird for the last year after rumors that Mao and Jun would get married in early 2016 after she finished her Taiga dorama came and went, and recently there were tabloid reports claiming Jun had been cheating on Mao for a few years with AV actress Tsukasa Aoi.Mao assured that she wasn’t retiring and had no plans to.

When asked about whether she was getting married to Jun soon, Mao coyly said she couldn’t comment until she talked with her agency.

My little shipper heart still flutters at the thoughts that Makino and Domyouji have been dating for over 11 years with marriage in the horizon.

In case any of you are wondering they were the stars of a small little drama called "Hana Yori Dango (2005)" the drama that spawned the k-version Boys Over Flowers.

Yes folks Geum Jandi and Gu Jun Pyo ended up together in real life. Its the type of celebrity couple that the tabloids try to catch but somehow they always stay allusive.

There were many rumors in 2016 that the pair would get married by the end of the year but it never happened (or did it..dun dun....) Then there were reports that Jun cheated on Mao with AV actress Tsukasa Aoi.

There have been rumors since about their relationship and if they are still together.