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Meet and fuck with no credit card sign up

Putting the native Android app on-hold, we went on a search for a better go-to-market product, which is still in alignment with our vision and values.

99% of people you interact with in life are fucking jokers. But I'm not a joker, and I need you to not be a joker, so we can all win together. Our goals were not “SMART” but easy - as a baseline we wanted to pivot to a new market entry product and launch a closed, low tech version of it after 5 days in order to get people using it and collect immediate feedback about the idea. Making arrangements with people to meet them and get in touch, asking for events and recalling our ideas.If possible, meeting new people and potential employees in the areas of design&marketing would be great. Since our flight went in the evening, and our CAO Vlad was already on the way from Munich to Stockholm, we just continued with checking out places and people to meet.So I used one of those checks to max out the card’s $50,000 credit limit, and used the proceeds to pay down a construction loan which had been charging me 7%.Although we’ve recently received pre-seed funding via the EXIST program, we experienced low market demand from potential customers and thus weren’t satisfied with our prototype’s performance anymore. Please read it, wait 10-20 minutes before replying and just think about it (don't surf the web, just think), and then reply with your thoughts. Anyone one of you can use the following credit card to sign up for anything. I trust you, but PLEASE use my money well and carefully since it's limited.

Jon, don't ask me for approval any more, just spend.

Wonderful parks, wi-fi in busses (take that Germany! After meeting up with Vlad and checked into the hostel room with 7 other random people, we went out for some beer. Early in the morning (at 11 a.m) we went to a nearby coffeeshop, since the hostel’s wifi was pretty shitty.

Paypal and Bitcoin Streamline the Online Purchasing Process Paypal is one of the most trusted and popular services for online transactions these days.

We napkin-sketched our ideas and pulled together our stuff and got to the airport in the evening.

At around 22.45 two more Germans arrived in Stockholm and it was god damn beautiful. When we finally found a good place to beer around 1 a.m., we made a short roadmap for the weekend and synched goals and desirable outcomes.

Paypal is everywhere now, as many merchants and traders have adopted it with open arms.