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Melanie collins dating scottie upshall

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She was born in the State College, Pennsylvania which lies in the United States.

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In May, 2009, pictures from Collins facebook page began swirling around the internet.News Now,,, WPSU-TV and Accuweather, Melanie’s versatility has been on constant display since graduating from Penn State University in 2008.Just having scratched the surface in her blossoming career, Melanie has interviewed hundreds of top athletes and celebrities and has gained international exposure hosting for various networks on multiple platforms.Melanie Collins is a Sports and Entertainment Host, quickly becoming one of the youngest and freshest faces on National Television.As a host and reporter for NBA-TV, The Big Ten Network, E!Like most college aged kids, we learned 2 things about Melanie: 1. she’s dumb enough to post pictures showing just what her definition of party is.

The NBA was pretty pissed about these racy pictures of their newest addition, though they didn’t say which picture it was that set them off most.

Upshall is also a man who may have no inhibitions based on a comment in a radio interview.

During a live interview with a local radio station (this is pre-Collins time), he was asked if he’d ever had two girls at the same time.

Melanie Collins is a gorgeous and attractive American woman.

She has established herself as a Sports and Entertainment anchor, host and reporter.

She has two athletic brothers and used to compete with them in every sport.