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Mena suvari dating dancer

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"The thing I love most about her is the understanding," he told Us."We get each other alot, so there's a good connection there." Another connection: poker!

I technically drive a Mercedes, but I ride in – as a passenger – an 88 Monte Carlo. like an artistic explosion, it's like a gallery, art everywhere, it's eclectic and colourful. I have about three pieces about 10ft tall by my cousin Georgopoulos – he's an amazing artist, he makes the entire pieces. I also have a piece from Ethiopia that's also all hand-painted and hand-constructed. I visited the Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, years ago – it's still under construction, but it was really beautiful. It has the negative on one side and the positive on the other, for comparison – I think everyone should peruse it. One of my favourite films is Dreams by Akira Kurosawa – to me it seems like a very spiritual type of film, it's absolutely stunning. For someone who calls herself a 'boring old housewife', Mena Suvari exhibits a rich store of girlish gaiety.Chuckles, guffaws, titters, schoolyard shrieks, the occasional honk of knowing mirth; all emerge from the petite frame - she's 5ft 4in in her Dries van Noten sandals - that's trimly perched on a silver-grey sofa in the Promenade Salon of the Dorchester Hotel. Although the American actress is, as she points out, 23, and married, she looks much younger ('like 15'), an attribute emphasised by a broad range of adolescent facial tics - the widened gaze that accompanies the 'I wishes' that dot her conversation; the eye-rolling that attends an inane question; the wrinkled forehead and crunched-up nose that complement her disdain for the crasser manifestations of the adult world. She began modelling at the age of 12 and her acting career started with a ready-meal TV advert when she was 13. A life in brief Mena Suvari was born in 1979 in Rhode Island, USA. She has since appeared in the American Pie films and the award-winning TV series, Six Feet Under.

Her breakthrough role came in the Oscar-winning American Beauty (1999), directed by Sam Mendes, for which she received a Bafta nomination.

"We play poker together really well," Suvari told Us.

Added her hubby: "We went to Vegas and she made more than I did!

It's a great memory but I just did what I had to do on that film - I worked very hard every day I was there.

But everything else - the script, the editing, the direction - was something I couldn't control.

Suvari has kept a relatively low profile since her star turn as the precocious high school cheerleader Angela Hayes who dazzles Kevin Spacey in the 1999 Oscar-winning American Beauty.