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Microsoft outlook updating cached messages

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When you right click and go to properties on some of the folders I have been having problems with, the "Initial view on folder:" in the Administration tab is showing "Normal".In the problematic folders, you have the option to select "IMAP folders".

This time it’s a little different; easier to find, but still tricky if you’re not up to speed on where Outlook 2010 moved all the options settings. Especially when switching folders, it takes quite a while for Outlook to become active again and shows “Not Responding” in the Title Bar.Is there any way to speed up IMAP performance in Outlook 2010?Audience: IT Professionals Business doesn’t stop when workers are on the road.Cached Exchange Mode gives your enterprise users access to their recent email messages (by default 12 months’ worth, but it can be more or less) when they are on the go and disconnected from the Exchange Server.OST almost immediately after I create or receive email, so in that sense Cached Exchange Mode is working and storing that local copy, but seems something else is going on with that [email protected] Are you asking why is it hanging or what is it doing during the process of updating the cached messages? Obviously CEM is partially working since all my emails are available offline but apparently it's not completely working as I can see in my problem.

What it's doing is a component of the cached exchange mode being active. So the "updating cached messages" message is apparently a process that must complete successfully in order for these problems to be resolved.

I'm running Outlook 2010 in Cached Exchange mode against an Exchange 2007 server. Intuitively it seems like some kind of indexing process on the emails cached in the local . It has to do with storing a local copy of the data residing on the Exchange server on your machine and referencing the Exchange server when a connection becomes present.

Outlook's status bar shows "updating cached messages (2/1950)" and the number never increments. This allows you to continue operating locally and once a connection to the Exchange server surfaces the cached data can then get propagated to the Exchange server.

With weird outlook things in cached mode, the easiest first step is to either scan the OST file, or just delete it.

In program files\office14, run the scan PST to scan your OST file.

They can read and respond to their cached messages while offline and any new messages or responses they composed while offline are automatically sent when they are reconnected. But we can point you in the right direction if you want to learn how to turn on Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook 2013 or change how much email to keep offline.