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Realizing that kids absorb everything, my mother called me over after the show. While most kids absorb what they see on TV, I could tune it out like background noise. She didn’t go into the logistics of how things worked sexually between same-sex couples.I have been in a committed marriage all these years since.Recently, her now-grown sons called me to “catch up.” During the course of the conversation, they asked me if their mother and I had shared an intimate relationship. My ex became very religious after our split and has never acknowledged the nature of our relationship. Where I live is working for me because I have jobs, but I want to be near them. “If you look closely at the cover, you’ll see something bad,” one of my classmates said. As if Barbie and Ken’s anatomy hadn’t confused me enough, golden genitals were something else entirely.Just one sentence tarnished everything I held dearly about “The Little Mermaid.” When I got home, I dug my favorite Disney movie out of the cupboard, sat on the floor and stared at it. My mother walked by and spotted me staring at Ariel and Prince Eric with a chaos lurking behind them. But there, smack dab in the middle of the art, there was a spire that looked rounder and less like the others. Thankfully, my mother refused to let me be uninformed, offering explanations when she saw fit.We were late so we tried everything like walking and jogging and eating I even jumped on the trampoline but it still did not come for four days. We had sex at about in the morning, before we went to bed, and then I started having contractions at about 2a.morning.

the doctors say it is okay and your husband needs it, because they have to wait so long afterwards.

But i also think that if it is uncomfortable for you then just let your husband know and he will understand.

My husband and I just had to try various positions and we finally found one that worked for us. Have him ejaculate on your cervix as much as possible!

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Just find a position other than laying on your back. told me i could have sex until my water broke and so at 34 1/2 weeks my husband and i had sex and guess what. they had to stop it with bed rest and pills for 3 more weeks. said it's okay to have sex just not that late in pregnancy because it can cause your water to break so i guess it just depends on your dr. Yes you could have your water break early like the other woman said, but a softened cervix can be good too.