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Each medal came with an attestation of award, this attestation came in the form of a small 8 cm by 11 cm cardboard booklet bearing the award's name, the recipient's particulars and an official stamp and signature on the inside.The Medal "In Commemoration of the 800th Anniversary of Moscow" was a 37mm in diameter circular copper medal designed by SL Tulchinsky and I I Dubasov.

IBM will also strengthen its business partner network across the region to over 4,000 partners this year.Click on a desired departure airport name to display a detailed list of fares applicable to the selected origin, sorted by travel periods.The following page will help you understand how airlines structure their fares to Moscow based on travel seasons, giving you an opportunity to pick the cheapest time to travel within the next half a year.Many readers have been waiting for my continuation.They’ve asked if something eventually changed, what’s new, whether I’ve achieved any success, etc.Analyst data underlines the importance of the business opportunity in Russia and the CIS region.

“Russia has a good growth record - its real GDP has increased by 67% since 2000 and its GDP per head makes it a wealthy economy by emerging market standards,” said Aidan Manktelow, Associate Editorial Director Europe, Economist Intelligence Unit.

Moskvaer – an online magazine about Moscow life in all its diversity, for citizens, expats and tourists.

Expats and migrants, once and forever charmed by Moscow, created it.

St Basil’s Cathedral is the most iconic building, representing both Moscow and Russia to the rest of the world with its characteristic colorful onion-shaped domes.

It was commissioned by Russian Tsar, Ivan the Terrible after winning a battle with Tartar Mongols in Kazan in 1552.

The legend has it that he was so overwhelmed by the church’s beauty he had the architect blinded to prevent him from creating a rival.