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Ms dhoni dating

As Dhoni’s love life with his ex-girlfriend Priyanka Jha, who died in an accident, is being showcased in the film, there is a rife that Lakshmi’s part might also be shown in the film.

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While I and Dhoni have moved on, it looks like some people are still stuck with it.While fans are excited to know about the India’s most popular cricketer’s life, there are also people who have been associated with Dhoni in the past and are now worried how they will be portrayed in the biopic.and is surprised to see stories about her relationship with Dhoni ahead of the release of the biopic.Back in 2010, Mahendra Singh Dhoni married Sakshi Singh Rawat in a hush-hush wedding, that was not without its pomp and splendour, near Dehradun.Let’s take a look back at how the events transpired leading to one of India’s great captains tying the knot with his sweetheart.It happened in the 25th over of second innings, when Trent Boult banged a short delivery, wide outside off in the hope to intimidate Dhoni.

But, an airborne Dhoni hit the ball over cover and it went flat and furious.

Sources initially reported that Dhoni and Sakshi first got acquainted with each other during their school days from DAV in Ranchi and that over the years, the two got close and were dating for at least two years before their engagement, in July 2010.

However, later on it was revealed that the Kolkata girl and the Ranchi boy were not in fact close, but that their families had known each other for a long time. They had met though a common friend, with the common friend being none other that Dhoni’s manager, Yudhajit Dutta.

People close to Dhoni confirmed that Priyanka was a huge influence on his life when he was an unknown player with dreams of playing for India.

The movie reveals a hint of romance between long-haired Dhoni and Priyanka.

However, all the link-up stories and rumours haven’t stopped Deepika from a a Dhoni fan. So I am happy that he is the captain, and that he is around, and it’s quite sad that he has retired from Test Cricket.