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Ms project summary task not updating

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This is vitally important, because we all know that resources don’t like to fill out timesheets.Reilly, a task force member and parent, presented the Task Force’s 254-page report to the Board of Directors at its November 9 meeting.It is the outcome of nearly a year of work by the volunteer Task Force and its Working Subcommittee.And that will produce a lot of work for you when you change a tasks duration. I changed the duration for task 1, but now task 2 has a incorrect starting date. Ideally there are just two dates that should be entered in any schedule – there can be more but I’ll get to that later.These dates are the Project Start date (you can find that one in the Project information menu) and a deadline on the milestone for the finished product.All of this is closely related to a proper governance process for closing projects, and there are some best practices we will review around that topic.

The objective is to ensure that tasks that are part of completed or cancelled projects do not appear in My Tasks, Timesheet, and Resource Assignments views.

Frequently we encounter clients who say that their team members complain about cluttered task lists and timesheets because many tasks from completed projects are still visible, even though they are complete.

Furthermore, resource managers may feel that the Resource Assignments view available from the Resource Center is unusable due to the volume of old tasks in the view.

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Several smaller groups also dug into specific topics, including the efficient use of space in school buildings. The Lake Washington School District’s Long-Term Facilities Planning Task Force met at the L. Scarr Resource Center in Redmond on Thursday, October 29 to finalize their recommendations to the School Board.