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Musiq soulchild usa arie dating

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Till now in 2016 she is dating or dated to two men i.e.In personal life of this black beauty singer, media covered her first love with Musiq.

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She is a very talented artist and she has won 4 Grammy Awards, out of her 21 nominations.India Arie is not married, however, she has a boyfriend named Chris Tucker. Before her relationship with Chris she used to date Musiq Soulchild, however, they were mostly seen as good friends.India Arie is one of the successful personalities in Hollywood and she has earned well from her acting and music career.Musiq was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, built a reputation for being musically gifted, beat boxing for MC's free styling on the open mic circuit,scatting at jazz clubs or just performing an a cappella for strangers on the streets, which is where he got the name "Musiq" and later added "Soulchild".He cites as his inspiration such icons as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Donny Hathaway as his most influential musical icons.Musiq Soulchild is a hip-hop soul artist that was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He built a reputation for being musically gifted, beat boxing for MC’s, free styling on the open mic circuit or just performing acappella for strangers on the streets.

Her musical skills were encouraged by both parents in her younger years.

Her mother is a former singer (she was signed to Motown as a teenager and opened for Stevie Wonder and Al Green) Simpson had taken up a succession of musical instruments throughout her schooling in Denver, but her interest in the guitar while attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, in Savannah, led to a personal revelation about songwriting and performing.

Her current net worth was estimated to be around $ India Arie was born in the mid-1970s Denver, Colorado, United States.

She was born to her parents Joyce and Ralph Simpson and her birth name was India Arie Simpsons.

"There were people who knew of me but they didn't really know me; they just knew me as 'that music dude.' So after getting that so much, I was like 'Just call me Musiq.' It was so fresh to me because if I had to be called anything, I would have wanted to be called Music.