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My daughter is dating a heroin addict

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I am the mother of a talented, bright college senior.

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What type of help is he receiving at this present time? Your questions make it so clear to me how little I (and my daughter) know about the drug world. I have had 2 serious relationships 1 with a "Recovering" Drug Addict and one with a "recovering" alcholic.An inquest in Margate heard how he was found slumped in a cubicle by a member of the public on November 17. More than 250 people went to his funeral, which his family say is testament to the popularity of a loving, funny and knowledgeable man.But they also feel Mr Hammell was let down by the system, having sought help from Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Turning Point, a rehabilitation service in Wincheap.This loser is now sleeping on his mommy's couch and is back on the junk...This loser is now sleeping on his mommy's couch and is back on the junk again.His childhood sweetheart, Natalie Smith, 26, told the inquest she feared and anticipated the death of her partner of 10 years.

Together they had a two-year-old daughter, Lola-Grace, while Mr Hammell also had a 15-year-old daughter, Grace, from a previous relationship.

“He was a loving father who never got the help he deserved,” she said.

“He was the perfect first child, really well-behaved and always really happy.

Ms Smith, who now hopes to help others in drug recovery, said after the inquest: “His whole world revolved around his girls.

“When he was clean, he was the best dad and would do anything for them, but he had these demons sitting on his shoulder. He wanted a normal life to spend time with his family and work.” Thomas’s mum, Cheryl, says he tried hard to beat his addiction but claims he was never given the right support.

The family of a father of two who lost his life to heroin say he desperately tried to beat the “demons of addiction”.