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Netflix screen updating your choices

The basic Netflix plan allows you to stream content on only one screen at a time, though the number of screens on which you can simultaneously stream content increases with each plan upgrade.Ergo, if you opt for the standard plan, you use the same account to watch content on two different devices at once, or four different devices at the same time with the premium plan.

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The company has also been testing 4K video streaming, in November posting a handful of short videos intended to demonstrate ultra high-definition capabilities.Longtime Netflix customers may have been annoyed by price hikes over the last couple years, and prospective customers may be wondering whether the service is right for them.Below, we’ve outlined each pricing plan so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and if those extra add-ons are worth the added cost to you.Here is a short video showing the current progress of the Remote Control JS library.Audio description is an optional narration that describes what is happening on-screen, including physical actions, facial expressions, costumes, settings and scene changes.That said, the number of devices and people you want to share your account with will likely influence which plan you pick.

Even if you never plan on sharing your Netflix account or watching on two screens at the same time, opting for the standard or premium plan is likely worth it considering it enables HD streaming.

Customers can enable audio narration just like choosing subtitles and alternate audio.

While audio descriptions are currently offered on a limited number of English-language titles, over time, we expect this feature to be available for major Netflix original series, as well as select other movies and TV shows in the near future.

Netflix is testing two new streaming options to help fill in the gaps between its current viewing plans.

Some new members are being greeted with the option (see below) to spend $7 per month for single-screen access, or $10 each month to share content among three screens—be it a TV, smartphone, or tablet. Not everyone will see this and we may not ever offer it generally," a spokesman told PCMag in an email.

The monthly cost just depends on how many discs you have check out at a time, or how many you want per month.