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MANNING Valley Free Range eggs is fighting a Choice campaign that brands its farms as "worse than a backpackers" on its campaign app 'Cluck AR'.Choice is Australia's leading consumer advocacy group and its campaign 'Give A Cluck About Free Range Eggs' is highlighting the issue of farm stocking densities and the absence of a national standard for free range eggs.

She was a Leverhulme Visiting Fellow in Sociology at Newcastle University (2013-14) and a postdoctoral researcher in a European Research Council funded project based at the University of Lisbon (2014-15). Newcastle disease virus (NDV) is a virus that causes a deadly infection in many kinds of birds.In humans, NDV causes mild flu-like symptoms or conjunctivitis (an infection of the eye that is also called pink eye) and/or laryngitis (an irritation and swelling of the voice box and the area around it).The child sex offender disclosure scheme allows parents, carers and guardians to formally ask the police to tell them if someone has a record for child sexual offences. The majority of child sex offenders are known to their victims.They are often a member of the family, a friend of the victim, or a friend of the victim’s family.All these producers sell their free range eggs at a stocking density of 10,000 hens per hectare."The June 2015 report is the foundation on which Choice has built its 'Give A Cluck About Free Range Eggs' campaign and it is attracting significant support on social media with the launch of the new 'Cluck AR' app and its online petition has more than 17,000 signatories at the time of going to print.

According to Choice, the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals: Domestic Poultry (the Model Code) states that free range eggs should be produced by hens who have access to an outdoor area during daylight hours for a minimum of eight hours per day, shaded areas and shelter from rain and windbreaks and that there is a maximum of 1500 hens per hectare.

The first report that NDV may be useful as a cancer treatment was published in 1964.

For 20 years before this report, NDV was used in a vaccine to prevent Newcastle disease in birds.

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