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The movie tells the story of Roxanne Shanté (née Lolita Shanté Gooden), the girl rapper from the Queensbridge projects who in 1984, at the age of 14, recorded (in one tossed-off take) “Roxanne’s Revenge,” an answer record to U. The “Roxanne Wars” became an iconic chapter in the evolution of hip-hop, demonstrating not just its commercial potential but its viral power.

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“Obviously, you bounce back and forth a little bit, but on a short-scale time frame where you’re telling a story like that, to keep the emotion, the mood consistent is always a challenge for actors.” “Every single one of these characters comes into [the story] in a very different place from where we end, and we need to make sure we track that, in a way that isn’t heightened, and too fast for a 24-hour film, but at the same time, we want to keep the pace,” Schull added.“The idea here is that I wanted to create something where the tropes were familiar to people, but then we would be twisting those completely on their heads, and take you down a road that, when you start the film, where you end the film is completely different,” Staub said of the film which he co-wrote with Peter Aperlo, joining stars Milo Ventimiglia, Amanda Schull, Bridget Regan and Shawn Ashmore at Deadline’s Tribeca Studio.A 24-hour film shot out on a farm in a remote area, Devil’s Gate provided a bounty of challenges for its actors, beginning with the idea of achieving a certain tonal and emotional consistency with characters operating in real time, within a short time frame.When the topic of beef is broached in hip-hop, names like Tupac Shakur, 50 Cent and The Game will often pop up, but after a tumultuous 2016, Soulja Boy can now safely add his name to that list.Since first hitting it big in 2007 with his “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” single, which would go on to be certified diamond by the RIAA, Soulja Boy has managed to defy his detractors and outlast more talented lyricists with a continuous string of hits, becoming one of the more improbable success stories in hip-hop of the past decade.The firm also provides representation of artists, musicians, producers, independent labels and publishers in the music industry.

From writer-director Clay Staub—an award-winning commercial director, and the the second unit director of genre films, including The Thing and Dawn of the Dead—Devil’s Gate was one of the more chilling genre-benders to premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.

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One of the built-in hooks of the biopic is that it tends to involve fame and fortune. track dissed a girl named Roxanne for being cold and hard to get.

Even if the person in question winds up descending from fame and squandering the fortune, tumbling into addiction and falling from grace, at least he or she had their moment in the sun. But Roxanne Shanté’s answer track wasn’t just defiant — it was epic. With nothing but a drum track behind her, she went on and on and on, in the raggedly possessed voice of a feminist teenage street queen (“Every time that he sees me, he says a rhyme,/But, see, compared to me, it’s weak compared to mine”), and within the hyper-masculine world of hip-hop, it was as if she was inventing a new way for a young woman to be.

In addition to battling critics of his musical style and lack of lyricism, Soulja would engage in war with fellow new artists as well, with the beefs sometimes getting out of hand and bordering on dangerous.