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Nikki reid and robert pattinson dating

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Ironically, Nikki just bragged in a recent interview with Yahoo! Reed gushed about Robert’s fiancée, “I’m the biggest fan. It’s so rad that she’s with my co-star [Robert Pattinson] because I’m a true fan of her. She’s a true artist and always has been.” So, if Nikki Reed hates Kristen Stewart and thinks that Twigs is God’s gift to music, then why is she banned from the wedding?set, but now that Nikki is happily married to Ian Somerhalder, she couldn’t care less about the petty drama.

'I remember the first time we met, we were at the airport heading to the film's set.It’s no secret that Twigs despises Kristen Stewart and is jealous of the actress’s history with her soon to be husband.The singer hates all things Twilight – including Robert’s former co-star Nikki Reed.When you think about it, the world of Hollywood is really quite small. Nick Jonas Disney sweethearts Selena and Miley both dated Nick Jonas.It's therefore pretty unsurprising that actors and actresses working on the same projects sometimes end up dating the same person. Way before she was twerking in a nude-colored thong all over an MTV podium, she dated the Jonas brother in 2006, before breaking up in 2007.Once she married Paul [Mc Donald], she completely forgot about the whole thing, and now she’s with Ian who’s considered her soulmate.

Rob is just a blurb in her life story, so she isn’t really paying or giving much attention to Kristen’s diss.” actress has found true happiness with girlfriend Alicia Cargile, she’s been more open to discussing her past romances.

Twi-hard fans were so outraged by their break up, that they protested against seeing the final installment unless Kristen and Rob were back together, which threw producers and publicists into a PANIC.

A few months later, like magic, K-Patz were back ON — just in time for the premiere screening of We’re not saying that the former couple’s relationship was all fake, but there was definitely some kind of puppet master pulling the strings towards the end.

While it may happen more often than you might think, it never gets any less awkward. A year later and his new girlfriend was Selena, who he was with on-and-off until 2010. Ryan Phillippe Yep, it seems that there's something a bit incestuous going on within the Twilight cast.

Here are seven co-star pairings who broke all the rules and did the dirty with the same person. Lily Collins Taylor Lautner dated Lily Collins after meeting her on the set of Abduction in 2010. Before these two lovebirds broke all of our Bella and Edward hopes and dreams when they tragically split, Rob actually went on a blind date with artist Soko. On-screen sisters Nikki and Ashley were both involved with Ryan Phillippe.

“It took a long time for Nikki to forgive Kristen for meddling in her relationship with Rob,” tells a source EXCLUSIVELY to Hollywood