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My name is John I lived with my mother, Margaret called Maggie. I was christened John Joseph Meyer Junior so it was natural to call me JJ.Just like social network sites that are free, we do the same.So put away your credit card and join today and never pay for adult dating ever again!All credit card news Bad credit, credit repair Balance transfer, debt consolidation Best credit cards Breaking news Business credit cards Cash back cards Cashing In Q&A columns Credit account management Credit Card Help Credit card videos Credit scores, credit reports Emerging payment systems: Prepaid, debit, gift cards Expert Q&A Frequent flier programs, airline rewards Infographics Innovations, features, new products Legal, regulatory, privacy issues Low interest, zero percent cards Opening Credits Podcast Products Research, statistics Reward programs Shopping Speaking of Credit Student credit cards, young credit The Credit Guy To Her Credit Your Business Credit A second credit card: When it's wise to get one, when it's not -- Adding more plastic to your wallet can be an asset, but it's not for everyone ...(See Second card)What's the best 0-percent interest business card? (See UBS Visa Infinite)4 options to tackle credit card debt in retirement -- A good credit counselor can help you find the best possible path out of overwhelming credit card debt -- including a debt management plan or even filing bankruptcy. (See Debt)Options for getting out of expensive car loan -- Once you sign the papers, your choices are limited totally and completely 100% free sex dating website.

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(See Card)Poll: 94 million Americans store their card information online -- Oldest shoppers most likely to let retailers keep their data on file, raising security and impulse shopping concerns ... podcast: Surviving the robot revolution -- When will robots start coming for your job? Hear what industries are safest from robot competition and what skills you need to stay marketable in the new economy ...

(See Poll)Rate survey: Average card APR jumps to record high of 15.82 percent -- May 31, 2017: The national average APR for new card offers broke another record this week, rising to an all-time high, according to the Credit Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. (See Podcast)On secured cards, add bigger deposit to goose score -- Having a higher credit limit, and not using it, will help a key scoring factor ...

-- If you belong to an organization or a business with a good credit history, you could qualify for a great card that gives you many months of 0 percent interest ... (See Car loan)Who to call in the first hours after fraud strikes -- Who to call in the first hours after you've been a fraud victim. (See Fraud)How will closing secured card, opening unsecured card affect credit?

(See 0 interest)UBS Visa Elite: premium card launches with 50,000-point sign-up bonus -- Swiss Bank UBS has entered the premium credit card race with the launch of the UBS Visa Infinite – a new, metal credit card geared toward high and ultra-high-net-worth U. -- The possible impact of closing a credit card will be mostly offset by the benefits of opening a new one -- if your available credit doesn't shrink and your credit utilization ratio doesn't increase ...

(See Secured)What if you're a few points short of your plane ticket?