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Omarosa dating

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Manigault, 39, began her romance with O'Neil, 36, about a year after the death of her fiance, Michael Clarke Duncan. reality TV personality Omarosa Manigault is dating professional wrestler Titus O'Neil, reported Tuesday.

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They just kind of throw you in the fire."Initially, Manigault supported Hillary Clinton.Black courting, African American dating is significantly different than some of the other cultural dating norms.And the great thing about our show being on TV One is that we can do it without ‘explaining’ the dynamics between black men and black women.Duncan died in July 2012 nearly two months after suffering a heart attack."She's been really apprehensive about dating since Michael died," a source told Those aren’t discussion we’ve had in mainstream America.

I’m talking about some real deal conversations on my show.chemistry.

This weekend’s ceremony was kept small and Donald Trump was reportedly not in attendance.

Omarosa and John got engaged last July after dating for less than a year.

In 2014, she tweeted that she was "ready for Hillary." Despite her early support for Hillary Clinton and past support of Democrats, Manigault did come around to Trump's camp.

In July 2016, she joined his campaign as the director of African-American outreach for his campaign.

Since the reality show alum is busy on the campaign trail, we're sure that wedding planning will fall to the wayside — at least until November! See below for pics of the happy couple (and her stunning bling).