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Online dating branding match television

In total, brands within the online dating sector spent just shy of £20 million across 2013, with January, July and August proving to be the months which delivered the highest impacts as a result of lower TV advertising rates and more spots.February was also significant, not least because of that most commercialised of celebrations, Valentine’s Day.

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In the online dating world, the dating sites did it first. Media agencies vs DIY content The rules that the online dating originators like e Harmony and created, were replicated by apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Happn, but their match parameters are pretty basic in comparison, usually built on gender, age and distance from your current location.And while the credibility of some of these match algorithms is sometimes under scrutiny – what you can be sure to encounter, is a more targeted environment less likely to inhabit Jonny Ego and his shirtless mirror selfie.Dating sites know their users, and they have enough data to match potential partners with a higher chance of a long lasting relationship.But I think we've all got battle scars that come from bad dates that result from being poorly matched.We wanted to capture these moments in a lighthearted and humorous way and show people that there's an alternative, and that's e Harmony." Says Lynsey Tomkinson, senior marketing manager at e Harmony Australia on the move away from its well-known testimonial ads featuring real e Harmony members: "We were the first in the dating industry to put real members on TV, but after three years we felt it was time for a change. Online dating is so widely accepted by Australians nowadays that the challenge isn't about persuading them to try it, rather it's about showing them why e Harmony is the better choice."We're really excited to be working with TASK2 on this campaign and want people to see how better matching leads to better dates.As a means of illustrating this, we’ll compare the first two months of 2014 with the corresponding period last year. Last year five brands debuted on TV, with 2014 already welcoming two newcomers.

In the UK alone there are over 15 million single adults, with 9 million having logged on to a dating website; indeed, the UK is also the most active country in Europe when it comes to online dating.

Taking the relationship journey back to where it begins, the new campaign brings viewers on a series of dates highlighting the frustrations that come with being matched with incompatible people, showing that e Harmony's fine-tuned matching system leads to better quality dates.

"Dating should be fun; it's about meeting new people, discovering common traits and exploring chemistry.

Understanding the numerical and emotional elements of human behavior is imperative in both the online dating world and digital advertising, as machines alone are not enough to bring out the power of big data. We construct lists of “must have’s”, weigh our options and conduct searches, but our hearts don’t always work like that.

The human element is necessary across both phenomena. We make subconscious choices based upon deep-rooted preferences.

Last year in 2016, we experienced what a few digital content managers have described as a ‘content shock’ – a kind of kneejerk reaction to a message that was repeatedly bounced off the walls in most PR and marketing departments in years prior – “we’re not producing enough content”.