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Nepal is home to 29 million people, with children younger than 15 years old making up more than 40% of the population.

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Nepal recently was declared a republic and has abolished the monarchy.There are few that create an interactive, aesthetic experience while also providing a service.The entertainment sites and portals usually have a few illegal mp3s, a must-have Java chat applet, lots of links that don't work, a free webmail service and sometimes even a matchmaking service.Of course, given the size and particular ramifications of Nepal and its economy, it's highly unlikely we'll have any real transition to a New Economy anytime soon, or see local firms listing on NASDAQ unless someone here goes online with a brilliant new application or service.But even given the conditions we have, Nepali sites could be a little more imaginative.Many children face violence, abuse, exploitation and trafficking.

In Nepal adolescent girls identify sexual harassment in their communities and in schools as the biggest concern in their lives.

In order to achieve our goals,we have embraced the path of professional journalism.

We believe that the fair and fearless journalism that speaks in the interest of larger population is the most effective tool to empower people and help the country progress.e many thousands of its daily subscribers.

There is no record of whether these workers voluntarily or involuntarily offer their services for money, but investigations have evidence of both within these areas.

Sex workers can work anywhere from brothels to bars, in their homes, or on the streets.

The Nepali government has expressed its concern about trafficking incidences, as they expect the numbers to further increase as a result of declining economic and livelihood opportunities, infrastructural damage, and accompanied increased vulnerability of marginalised families.