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But it is working to let users share videos in their profiles, reports The Drum.

The show is introduced as Jenny Mc Carthy’s and while she is the emcee/host and adds some of her humor to the festivities, it is the group of women comedians that had the crowd in stitches for over two hours.A smaller, more intimate space would have probably been a better way to go, but this is the best venue on The North Shore to host a cast of comics such as these.Tammy Pescatelli, Lynne Koplitz, Paula Bel and opener April Macie who truly got the audience off to a running start, are all dynamite performers knowing how to hit the “G spot” of each audience member. Yes, once I feigned being ill by putting the thermometer under the hot-water faucet. When I flushed the john, out came a spume of blue water. On graduation day former-mayor John Lindsay was sitting in the row behind my family. I loved it when I got to stay home from school for a cold or some other illness. On the way to my interview I stopped in Penn Station to use the men’s room. Two editors fought over me, not because I was particuarly talented or good looking, but because they hated each other and had offices with big glass windows that faced each other across a narrow corridor, which only amplified their hatred. Each would sit me down in front of the big glass window and try to be charming, so that the other saw and suspected that gossip was being traded. I didn’t know it until I began conducting man-on-the-street interviews and one of my subjects kindly pointed out that I stunk like hell and should go look at myself in a fucking mirror.Tinder users will eventually be able to find dates using videos, as well as sharing pictures and other information, for the first time.

The site has already used video in ads, showing users films from companies like Bud Light.

Yes, over two hours of side-splitting laughter that although designed for women was just as funny for men (although there were less of them in the crowd, I have a feeling that more than not got lucky that night).

Ms Mc Carthy, is a dynamite personality who has written a book, done TV and comedy for awhile and even has a reality show with her hubby, Donnie Wahlberg (who she used in her video presentation on video dating) “Donnie loves Jenny”, a show that my wife, Jane , loves very much.

I tried as much as possible to avoid the main mission of the journal, which was to write business news, and concentrated instead on feature stories for Page One.

My favorite: A story on video-dating that caused Bob Woodward to launch an investigation of me.

It is one of the few big apps aimed at young people that hasn't focused on video — which is a large part of recent moves by services like Snapchat and Facebook.