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Outlook vote tracking not updating

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Polls in Outlook 2013 give recipients an easy way to vote, and the Tracking feature gives you a nice, orderly way to view the results.

In the example above, the standard items were replaced with Option 1, Option 2, and Option 3.The Custom option is made available when you click the Use Voting Buttons button.When you choose the Custom option, Outlook displays the Properties dialog box for the message that is being created.Sometimes IT pros need to take a poll among the users or the other administrators in the organization.For example, you might want to poll the department heads to see if Tuesday night is a good time to take a server down for maintenance. When the Untitled Message window opens, select the Options tab and then click on the Use Voting Buttons button. When you click on the Use Voting Buttons button you can choose from Approve / Reject, Yes / No or Yes / No / Maybe.The Use Voting Buttons option is already selected by default within this dialog box, but the voting options are set to Approve; Reject.

If you want to use custom voting buttons you must simply replace the Approve; Reject text with your own custom text.

For example, you can use Pepperoni; Cheese; Supreme; Anchovy if you're canvassing a group about their pizza preferences for an upcoming working lunch.

When sending voting-button messages, prefixing the subject line with "VOTE:" is a good idea.

If you move the message to another folder, Outlook won't be able to process the responses.

If the original message remains in the Sent Items folder, Outlook will automatically display responses on a Tracking tab in the original message.

You might want to send a poll asking what kind of food everyone prefers, but Approve / Reject or Yes / No / Maybe would hardly generate appropriate responses to the question.