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Tina said: "Word got out that we had the parrot and oddly enough a colleague had seen a message about a missing African Grey on Facebook so we tracked it down and contacted a chap called Jagdish Patel.

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He says that the family were trying to sell the parrot as Mrs Cornmell, who is undergoing chemotherapy, felt unable to cope with the bird, and they wanted to ensure it went to a “loving home.” After the police officer arrived and quizzed Mrs Cornmell at their home in Pine Road, Bishop’s Waltham, and said she would get a criminal caution, 46-year-old Neil arrived home and said he was shocked by the way the officer was handling it.” She is being held in Newaygo County Jail without bond, the station reported.Family members believe Bud, an African gray parrot, may have witnessed the shooting that left Martin Duram dead and his wife severely injured.He told last week that he “highly doubts there is any precedent” for using a bird’s speech as evidence.When a judge asks someone to raise their right hand, he wondered, “to a parrot, are you raising a wing, a foot?We knew it was there, but didn't realise it hadn't left with the previous owner," she added."He was listed as an item in the inventory.

It said: 'One African Grey parrot, complete with cage', and then in brackets afterwards, 'not stuffed'."And it appears over the years he had become part of the furniture.

Rushey Mead pupil Ajay Khunti has proved he has a hint of Dr Doolittle about him.

The 16-year-old was on the academy's school field having lunch last week when he noticed a parrot land on the grass in the distance.

Only weeks ago, the idea seemed like an absurd plot twist in a bad Jim Carrey flick from the mid-’90s.

But this week, Newaygo County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Springstead told the that authorities are studying the parrot’s words to determine whether the bird’s speech can be considered admissible evidence in a court of law.

When he didn't say anything to me at all, I just knew it wasn't him so I called the school to tell them. He's been with me from the beginning and is six years-old now.