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If someone who reads this can help me in any way please conntact me at [email protected] so much. And people think she’s crazy so…The reson it’s called is because every one is after her and at one point, its her against the world and then she forgets about her jorney and becomes a warrior. Back again,this is Allyson and was just wanting to become famous and get out there and dance or act it’s my favorite thing to do. Hi my name is Christina Rose Cooperman and I wanna become rich and famuos. I in also want to become a actress so my kid – brother won’t have to grow up in the neighbor -hood that we currently live in and I want to get my family out of all their debts if Ihad that kind of money we could live alot better than we do now another reason I want to be an actress is that I could be a role model for girls of all ages so thats why i want to be an actress so that’s why I want to be an actress. I would love to be famous, but my objective is to serve my Lord. I would love to be famous, but my objective is to spread the word of God. It highlights the way we as humans act, think and what we should be doing in various situations.

But I can’t seem to get any farther in my music carrear. We don’t have lots of money and I can’t get a job because I’m only 13. I love all you guys, please support me because I think I’ll be your next new celebrity! I like to sing and dance but I stil would like to act I have been wanting to act ever since I was 5 I’m 12 now everytime I watch a movie I think about it I even dream about how life whould be if I were famous I think about it more than any body I now I so badly want to be famous I love 2 sing everyone says i have a great voice, my 1 wish is 2 have my own band so me and my friends can share our talent with everyone please if u know how 2 get me and my friends famous or 2 atleast let ppl here our voice e-mail me at: [email protected], i dont wanna come rich just 2 have my own band! But I pay no mind its my dream and I am going to succeed but I need your help to do it. But you know what it dose‘nt matter what they think. We are both currently taking singing lessons from a professional singing instructor.y I would enjoy being a Christian singer. We are both currently taking singing lessons from a professional singing instructor. I’ll tell you now that i am currently writing a script for my book that i hope to publish early, 2006.Some plans allow for you to talk free to other verizon customers. Ask your carrier exactly how many minutes you have times of night and weekend hours and about calling other customers tha use verizon (you should know a few that are verizon customers) and about how to check your usage of minutes so you don't go over - that's where they will nail you. I never had training or anything but I would like to start searching for more things to do to help gear me in the right direction. I have been singing and dancing with my friend (Kennesha) sence I was 5. Really I’m not crazy to be famous, but I know I have lots to give to the world only if someone would give me the chance. I know I can handle the hard ships of being rich and famous. I would love to be famous because I will try my best for the better.Before you wonder why anyone should want to pay you for talking, you have to think about how the companies involved make their money.I don't want yo phone number (boy please whateva) [Hook] [Verse 3: DJ Paul] Now these chickenhead hoes see this platinum think it's white gold See the 20 inch Pirellis roll mane thank the vogues Dodgin all my foes ridin Caddy truck wit dvd A flock of broads follow me from the club to break they knees Knowin that's all I want straight out the club The rest ain't smellin right the last thang on they mind is freshin up It's goin down tonight, weave in they head Weed in they purse, still crunk Baby seeds all across the back, with coals in the trunk [Verse 4: Juicy J] I been known to hold my own I been known to ride on chrome I been known to flip a platinum watch wit the diamond stones I'm the fool supplyin tha dro I'm the fool supplyin tha blow I'm the playa who got you chickenheads knockin at my do' Tellin me that you diggin me Tellin me I'm yo man to be Girlfriend it's gone cost a fee Get yo ass and work the streets Pay ya boy and make me rich So we keep them Swishers lit Pay yo fees we count them G's Cashin it from all you chicks [Hook] Seminal dirty-south classic from ‘01; also appears on DJ /Rupture’s Gold Teeth Thief mixtape that jumpstarted the cross-genre mashup trend and paved the way for both Diplo and later Girl Talk’s career.

Then you’ll have exactly what you always wanted – your face on TV. If only we could enforce IQ tests before allowing web access? i have a great vocie but i need help getting famous because i’m shy, so it makes it harder.i’m 12 and loving it please help if you can. Anyways, I think this shows exactially where our school systems are coming to… All of you just keep praying and it may just come true. I really,really want to become I have been acting four six years since I was seven please help me to become rich and famous. I need a change in my life people say don’t become foamous it will change your life. I can sing very well and i ahve been in many shows, i went for an audtion for Mary Poppins to play Jane but i was ill on the day so i lost my choice. I want to be famous I look in the newspaper for auditions for movies and stuff and i found 1 but I had to miss it because I had to go somewhere. I would do any thing to get a chance just one little chance I’m 14 years-old and this is how my life gose.

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Just leave your phone number, address etc here, like the other 12 year old girls, claim to have a “pretty face“, get stalked and finally murdered. I could be a really strong singer if I was given the chace but I have never been given that chace that I am looking for. my mom is having a third baby and i’m the oldest so it’s very hard to get a good chance to become famous. I read about halfway, and I swear, some people really are just dumb… My old singing teacher said i was brillaint but i want to fullfill my ambition! If you think my Idea is good then email me at [email protected] call me at 410-679-4953 Thank you! Call me if u need a 14 yrs old actor cause me&my mom think i would be very good and a big hit to hollywood if I was to become an actor.

the bitches that say ooo i wanna be all famous in shit damn niger go to school ever heard of fuckin collage go there fuckin be a famous doctor and keep them shitty asses of my blunts and cocain dat my shit stay your ass in school! I want to go onto the red carpet with my hero Johnny Depp. Walks out changed…I know how everyone wants to become famous. I have not become famous yet but I know in my heart I am going to. If any of you have any clues on how to become a famous singer please help. Last year me and my friend were in the talent show and Ihad the leading start and I got a little scared so my friend started of fore me. But I pay no mind its my dream and I am going to succeed but I need your help to do it. I take vocal lessons and act and took dancing lessons fo 3 years. I love being around people, hearing people say my name! I live in a little area in Dallas, Texas where I live it isn’t very pretty where I live there are lots of bad things happen people get into fights and kids about my age drink and do drugs but not me I love to play sports in you no do normal things that kids love to do.

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