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Even though the film is a romantic comedy, in which the usual ending would involve the bloke "getting" the girl, Xavier ends up choosing the more real, down-to-earth Wendy, who, despite her lack of supermodel looks (although she is pretty cute too), ends up being his real "perfect 10". Because she's smart, his best friend, they have real chemistry and she truly gets him.There's a lot of talk about who (and what) the perfect woman might be, and while everyone knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there's a phenomenon in dating circles - at least when it comes to a woman's looks.

The these perfect 10’s date are men who know who they are, their purpose, they rarely question themselves (sometimes they’re arrogant) and they’re persistent.The girl that we can call perfect because everyone would want to be you!As a Perfect 12 member you will work directly with founder Simona Fusco.Person in a casual way to 10 dating speed meet new people.Have declined by over 67 in the last five years or so will be compatible.Yet, when I carried out an unofficial "perfect 10" poll at a comedy club the other night, I got to discussing this very notion with a man who explained the stripper infatuation in a way I had never really thought about before.

He said that a man whose idea of a "perfect 10" was a stripper or a porn star was a man with generally low esteem who wasn't able to pick up or bed women until well into his 30s, and who validated his self worth by dating a woman most men would gag over.

Looking Perfect Being Your Best Self Community Q&A Have you ever wondered how to be perfect?

Some say it's impossible, but here on this article you can learn how to be the girl you always wanted to be.

In the brilliant French flick Russian Dolls, protagonist Xavier comes face-to-face with his idea of a "perfect 10" woman: a tall, slim, leggy, famous Spanish model named Celia.

Naturally, he quickly becomes infatuated with her and wonders if a dalliance with her might indeed be possible.

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