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Phpbb3 version not updating acp

phpbb3 version not updating acp-19

This article addresses how to enable automatic posting to a PHPBB 3.0.8 bulletin board.

phpbb3 version not updating acp-73

If you do not have shell access or do not wish to use it you will need to decompress the php BB3 archive to a local directory on your system using your favourite compression program, e.g. From there you must FTP ALL the files it contains (being sure to retain the directory structure and filenames) to your host.If this code was then deployed on a PHP5 environment, the code would not work.If the developer, knowing that the production environment runs PHP5, had set up their development environment accordingly this bug would have been noticed much sooner.And the more seriously you start to take following best practices.One of these practices is setting up a development environment that matches the production environment that you are using.If your website has an RSS feed of your posts, and the latest version of PHPBB forum software, you’re in luck.

With a small amount of tweaking and less than half an hour of your time you can have a automaticly updating forum folder where your member can go and talk about your postings in the threads.

You perform these steps at your own risk and neither, I or Verry Technical are responsible for any bad results.

With that said, i encourage you to share your experience with this method and I will attempt to help where and when I can.

This means that less time is spent uploading and downloading through FTP as any changes you make take effect almost instantly.

An added benefit is you can continue developing and testing your modifications when you are without an internet connection.

This article was written primarily for MOD writers interested in ways to optimise testing.