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Pie chart data labels not updating

Type the text you want to display in the label, and press the Enter key. This could get tedious, and you run the risk of typing the wrong text for the wrong label (I initially typed “alpha” for the label above, and had to redo my screenshot).One thing that makes this approach unsophisticated is that the typed labels are not dynamic. This could get tedious, but at least the labels are dynamic.

pie chart data labels not updating-81

The chart below uses labels from a column of data next to the plotted values.If the 'Select Data' had Minutes and Cartons set as Series they would originally go from rows 2 to 11 in their respective columns, but since I added 3 new data points, I want the chart to automatically update to graph rows 2 to 14.How do you get excel to do that on its own, instead of me having to go into the Select Data and edit every series every time? you could create a table in a database and then insert into the table every time you have new information, then you just create a query that pulls information from the last 10 records inserted and then Graph it, I think you can graph inside of Access, I usually use SQL Server and Reporting software though. I can't test right now, but have you tried leaving the Table stationary and moving the Chart?A possible workaround would be to call set Data with update Points set to false: I ended up coming to the same conclusion about the problem, however, I would consider this still an issue and that it should be perfectly valid to go from a zero value to a non-zero value and I believe animation should be supported during that time.There actually looks to be another bug during animation: To see it, update the initial data to this: You can see that the 'Yes' slice isn't a 'solid' 3d slice, so even though it actually animated, the end result is still not the same as doing the update without animations (if this doesn't make sense I can elaborate).to a non-zero value, the originally zeroed value will be invisible.

Demo: I can get around this issue by setting the y value to something small, but this obviously isn't correct. Incase the demo doesn't work, code is here: The problem is that set Data animates the existing slices to accomodate the new values.

Since the Chart references the data location, you should be able to move it anywhere.

Not sure about moving the Table (although, it seems like it should work).

There does appear to be an issue with a blank Chart that is created, and then data from the Table is added-the Chart data doesn't track changes to the Table (it retains its initial range). select the Table data and then Insert is one answer here.

Once you set the range, anything inserted into that range is taken into account.

To quickly identify a data series in a chart, you can add data labels to the data points of the chart.